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Kiribati Celebrates 43rd Independence Day

On the 12th of July 1979, the Republic of Kiribati celebrated independence from the United Kingdom, allowing the I-Kiribati people to reclaim freedom and sovereignty.

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This year, Kiribati celebrated its 43rd Independence Day with a week of dancing, singing, gathering with family, praise, worship and practicing cultural activities. As Kiribati celebrates the wonderful gains of the past, the country also looks forward to a flourishing Kiribati in the future.

Speaking on World TB Day 2021, H.E. Te Beretitenti Taneti Maamau, the President of Kiribati, spoke to the commitment of Kiribati to look towards a future that is free from Tuberculosis.

"I'm pleased to join this important campaign [stopTB campaign] on behalf of the people and government of Kiribati, to support global efforts to eradicate TB and address inherent social impacts."

H.E. Te Beretitenti Taneti Maamau, the President of Kiribati; 2021 World TB Day Address

"In Kiribati, my country remains committed to ongoing initiatives and interventions to address TB."

Watch the President's full address here.

In August 2021, the Kiribati Government passed plans for the PEARL study through cabinet as a Ministry of Health and Medical Services supported initiative towards TB and leprosy elimination in South Tarawa, Kiribati. In August 2022, after overcoming many set-backs caused COVID-19 outbreaks, the Kiribati Ministry of Health and Medical services is surging forward in partnership with the PEARL study to launch the pilot phase of the population-wide intervention to detect and treat TB, Sleeping TB and leprosy in Kiribati.

The PEARL study is delighted to congratulate Kiribati on their 43rd year of Independence. We look forward to many years celebrating their freedom to self-govern, and working alongside Kiribati as they advance towards freedom from TB and leprosy.

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